Monday, May 13, 2019

The Spy Who Walked Into The Cold, by Ron Collins

"The Spy Who Walked Into The Cold," by Ron Collins, in Fiction River: Spies, 2019.

Not a very short story this week.  A novella, I believe, and quite a thoughtful one.

It's 1969 and Radner has mostly recovered from the injuries he received in Viet Nam, although he still has nightmares.  He has joined the Chicago Police Department and has been given a special assignment. He is working with Mitchell, an FBI agent who has an informer in the Chicago branch of the Black Panthers.

O'Neal, the informant, had the choice of helping or going to jail.  He tells them what the Panthers are up to and where they have their guns.  He always points out that all the guns are perfectly legal.  the FBI prefers not to hear that part.

Every time Panthers are killed by the cops - and it keeps happening - there are two versions of the event, and the cops' version doesn't seem to match the evidence.  Radner isn't sure that this is what he was fighting for in Viet Nam.  But what can he do about it?  And what will it cost him if he does?

Very satisfying tale.

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